We are not travelers

Well we made it back from our vacation to Las Vegas.  After returning on our far to long trip I realized we are not cut out for trips like that.  First of all we were there from Monday to Saturday and that was just way too long.  Everything there is highly over priced, it smells awful, and you are harassed at every block and even in your own hotel.  The best compliment JT gave our hotel room was that it would be a great spot to snipe from because of it’s location and ability to conceal yourself, oh the things he thinks of.  I also decided gambling is not my thing I hate the idea of throwing my money away when I could spend it on something useful.  The 2 highlights of our trip for me was writing on a $1 bill “Sioux Suck Shit, Go GOPHERS!” and hanging it under another $1 bill that said UND on it in Dick’s Last Resort.  The other great part was seeing Zumanity by Cirque de Soule, hands down the best show to see with your significant other.  I can say I will never go back to Las Vegas it just really wasn’t for me.

So upon returning from this not so great vacation I have been searching the internet for our next vacation.  I think it will be next winter in either Montana or Wyoming and we’ll go snowmobiling.  Doing something active and being outside is just something more for us.  I would love to go to Flathead Lake, Montana, I’ve read that this lake is huge and very clear due to it having no algae in it.

Spring is approaching quickly and that means JT will be going back up to Fargo during the week.  I don’t think I’m really prepared for this and that’s why I have been pretty clingy with him lately and I don’t think he realizes it.  I know it will be ok and it will be another chaotic Summer that we won’t have much time for anyone even ourselves.  So here is to the melting snow and the birds returning.


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