Taking bets, we’re going to Vegas!

We decided over the summer that we would go to Vegas for a late honeymoon and to go to the Con-Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We will be there the first week of March.  I’m pretty excited I’ve never been and Justin went 3 years ago to the last Con-Expo.  We rented a car for the first 2 days and will use it to go see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.  I’m just excited to see everything and try one of the buffets that everyone talks about.  The things that are a must do for me while there: See a Cirque De’ Soleil show, play on at least one slot machine (I’m not a gambler, it gives me anxiety to just throw my money away), and ride on the roller coaster and other rides in New York, New York.  My next dilemma is picking out/finding some luggage that we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on.  I think I might just do a practice pack with what we have and if it doesn’t work then I’ll go find some.  L.L. Bean has some really nice extra large duffel bags on wheels that we would be able to use for hunting too.

So upon realizing that we are going to Vegas soon we decided to get a gym membership not only to get in shape for all of the walking but to just be healthier and hell maybe loose some weight.  Our insurance practically pays us to go and I reward myself with tanning after I’m done so that keeps me motivated.  I’m waiting for my pants to dry right now before I go.  Of course I have my certain pants that I like to wear and the others just don’t compare.  I should probably get a couple more or at least some in different colors.


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