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Being a homemaker this weekend

So I didn’t think I would ever post about products I love but I recently picked up a new face wash at Target and I love washing my face now!  It smells great and really makes my face feel good after I wash it.  Now it does have salicylic acid in it so it does burn if you have any zits that you have popped recently but it’s a good burn.  It’s from Neutrogena and is called a Power-Cream Wash  Here is a pic of my face wash regime I do it in order from left to right in the picture.


After I wash I use the blemish control toner from Mary Kay from their new Clearproof line.  It does burn significantly more than the face wash but it helps dry out your face and zits.  Then after that dries I apply the Mary Kay acne treatment gel to any trouble spots.  It has 5% benzoyl peroxide and that again helps dries things up.  Now I wash my face about an hour before I go to bed and don’t do any moisturizing until I’m laying in bed.  (I know kind of weird but I like to know that all of the stuff I previously applied did its job).  I use the Timewise line from Mark Kay age-fighting moisturizer.  In the summer I use a moisturizer again in the morning with some SPF in it.  Sun spots run wild in the family so I’m trying to prevent some I guess.

So if I was stranded on an island and could only have one thing this would be my thing:


I don’t buy any other lotion.  Not even the Target knock off version.  Up here in MN there is basically no moisture in the air in the winter.  I cover my body head to toe in this stuff after every shower and also have a small bottle on my desk at work and apply daily on my hands and arms.

Now for my make-up.  First of all I have a very sensitive face and it’s really quite pathetic.  I can not change brands once I start with one.  It’s like my face acclimates to it or something.  I will use Covergirl mascara until the day I die.  I’ve used someone else’s in a pinch and I wake up the next day with my eyes swollen shut, so lesson learned.  My sister-in-law got me hooked on the Too Faced line.  You can find it at Ulta or Sephora, I’m sure other places but that’s where I go.  It’s pricey in my eyes but it’s so worth it because it lasts FOREVER!!!


I only use bronzer for my face because I go tanning in the winter and am always really tan in the summer.  This bronzer has zero hints of orange in it and a little goes a long ways!  The best part is, is that it actually tastes like chocolate!

Now for those dark rings under the eyes….dun dun dun duuuuuun.


This color is called Vanilla and is currently to light for my face so I need to get a shade darker.  Like it says it’s a flexible concealer, it doesn’t crack with the fine lines on your face it fills them in and doesn’t wear out by the end of the day.

Last but not least eye shadow!


I have always gotten a compliment on my eyes after I put this on it never fails.  Obviously I only use the top 2 recipes because I like a little shimmer in my eye shadow.  These recipes make a great smokey eye.

So now for the homemaker part of this post lol.  I cleaned/organized our spare bedroom and started sewing together some fat quarters that I had.  I like getting the fat quarters because then everything is pre-cut and all’s I have to do is sew it together.  So this is honestly my first time doing this.  I used a zig-zag stitch and just went with it.


I think I’ll pick up a solid navy blue fabric and put a border around it and then use a brown or teal minky fabric for the back so I don’t have to use any backing/filler.  I’ll put up another pic when it’s finished.

Lastly I made a white chicken chili.  It’s actually a recipe I got from a hole-in-the-wall bar in Fargo that I would go to for lunch.  It is just so good and spicy!  I only put it together last night and then put it in the fridge.  We all know that everything is always better after it sits in the fridge.

I had an eventful week though.  After evaluating those fun student loans I decided to get a job serving/bartending at nights after my full time job.  Call me crazy but I need to do something.


Taking bets, we’re going to Vegas!

We decided over the summer that we would go to Vegas for a late honeymoon and to go to the Con-Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  We will be there the first week of March.  I’m pretty excited I’ve never been and Justin went 3 years ago to the last Con-Expo.  We rented a car for the first 2 days and will use it to go see the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.  I’m just excited to see everything and try one of the buffets that everyone talks about.  The things that are a must do for me while there: See a Cirque De’ Soleil show, play on at least one slot machine (I’m not a gambler, it gives me anxiety to just throw my money away), and ride on the roller coaster and other rides in New York, New York.  My next dilemma is picking out/finding some luggage that we don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on.  I think I might just do a practice pack with what we have and if it doesn’t work then I’ll go find some.  L.L. Bean has some really nice extra large duffel bags on wheels that we would be able to use for hunting too.

So upon realizing that we are going to Vegas soon we decided to get a gym membership not only to get in shape for all of the walking but to just be healthier and hell maybe loose some weight.  Our insurance practically pays us to go and I reward myself with tanning after I’m done so that keeps me motivated.  I’m waiting for my pants to dry right now before I go.  Of course I have my certain pants that I like to wear and the others just don’t compare.  I should probably get a couple more or at least some in different colors.